Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Combined Sewer Overflows Continue to Plague the Olympic Peninsula

Combined Sewer Overflows continue to pollute our nation's rivers, bays & beaches. Recent heavy rains in Port Angeles, Washington caused sewage overflows to discharge into the harbor this week. This is an issue the Olympic Coast Chapter has been concerned about for years now. Unfortunately the State did not get it together to pass a new Clean Water bill this year that would have collected funds from the oil industry to help clean up stormwater pollution and fix ongoing problems such as these CSOs in Port Angeles.

See the below press released issued by Clallam County.

"Due to heavy rains on Monday, the four combined sewer overflow (CSO) outfalls in Port Angeles discharged approximately 1.3 million gallons of a mixture of stormwater and raw sewage into Port Angeles Harbor. Two of the CSO outfalls are near Hollywood Beach. Clallam County Environmental Health Division recommends avoiding contact with waters in Port Angeles Harbor 48 hours following rainfall. Contact with fecal contaminated waters can result in gastroenteritis, skin rashes, upper respiratory infections, and other illnesses. Children and the elderly may be more vulnerable to waterborne illnesses. The City of Port Angeles is currently designing a project to significantly reduce the frequency and volume of these discharges. Provided the City receives adequate funding, this project will be constructed beginning in July of 2011. For questions about the advisory, contact Clallam County Environmental Health at 417-2543. For more information about the Port Angeles combined sewer overflows, visit or call 417-4811."

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