Thursday, March 4, 2010

Newport Beach Teach & Test Program

The Newport Beach Teach & Test Program is now operating in eight local high schools and reaches 850 students! Congratulations to the chapter for developing and nurturing a very successful education program that is obviously fulfilling a local need. The below program description is posted on the Newport Beach Chapter website.

The Newport Beach Teach & Test Program is a fully-funded educational water quality testing program. The Surfrider Chapter provides all the equipment, training and materials for local high school students to collect, test and report on water quality in their area. Originally conceived as an 8-10 week program,the Newport Beach program has evolved into a flexible program that is easily incorporated into a module of Environmental, Marine or Global Science as well as Chemistry or Biology. Testing may be done on either fresh or salt water. Student activities include gathering water samples, sample preparation, incubation and interpretation of the results. Multiple tests over time allow the students to document changes in water quality as conditions change. Program participants are encouraged post their test results on the Surfrider website. The program was founded in 1994 and currently includes Valencia, Corona del Mar, Newport Harbor, Esperanza, Mater Dei, Costa Mesa, Orange, and Northwood High Schools. We plan to expand Teach & Test to many more high schools in our watershed as the budget allows. Please contact us to see if Teach & Test can be of value to your school. Contact Doug Peterson if you are interested in sponsoring one of our schools.

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